Call for Papers

Smart cities can be described as places where physical environments are combined with information technology to rectify socio-economic and environmental issues. While this might be the case, for the most part scholarly attention has focused on the technologies used to construct these environments. What is missing from these discussions is a deeper engagement with the lived experience of ‘smart spaces’, and the extent to which this confluence of the physical and digital is currently configuring new explicit and/or implicit forms of play. To this end, our workshop will explore how experiences of the city might be changing as a result of new technological practices that are currently creating both explicit and implicit playful possibilities, as well as moments of resistance that reveal socio-cultural problems of participation.

We invite researchers and practitioners from all related disciplines to contribute 4 to 6 page papers that reflect on the following topics:

> The changing perceptions of smart cities in the context of human experience.
> Emerging smart city technologies, such Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual reality (VR), 5g, wearable technologies and locative media.
> Emerging forms of locative applications and pervasive play in a smart city context.
> Techo-flanerie and Playful Mobilities: Ridesharing, novel mobilities, and emerging forms of automated play;
> Laissez faire versus planned play in the city – Emerging forms of explicit play, as well as emerging forms of implicit play.
> Techno-socio-cultural problems of participation that often remain hidden from discussions of ̈’smart cities’.
> Methods for researching implicit and explicit form of play in a smart city context.
> Related ethical implications.

Aside papers we invite demonstrations of prototypes and completed projects.

Please submit your paper through the EasyChair chair system:

We will select submissions based on a number of criteria, including originality or controversy of the paper, the complementary nature of the authors’ research background, and the quality of the authors’ previous work related to the workshop topic.

At least one author of each accepted paper must attend the workshop and all workshop participants must register not only for the workshop but also for at least one day of the conference.

The Organizers,
Konstantinos Papangelis
Jin Ha Lee
Michael Saker
Catherine Jones

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